How Long Do Veneers Last?

The short answer is, dental veneers typically last somewhere between 10 and 15 years, although individual results will vary. At the end of their life, either due to general wear or because they came off, they will simply need to be replaced. But there is plenty we can do to prolong the life of our veneers for as long as possible. Learn more by reaching out to Dr. Shaun Flynn in Los Angeles, CA.

Making Our Veneers Last

Making our veneers last doesn't take much more effort than what we already do to protect our natural teeth.

Good hygiene habits can keep our gums healthy so that they won't recede and expose a gap where plaque could hide. Because veneers preserve so much of our natural teeth they need to be protected from decay and cavities.

Just as with our teeth, veneers should not be used to bite our nails or to open bags of chips.

Similarly, hard foods such as popcorn kernels and ice can crack or chip a veneer just as they can our teeth.

A sports guard is very important if we practice contact sports, just as a nightguard is necessary if we grind our teeth at night. Our dentist can prescribe a custom guard for each situation, come into the office to learn more.

Just as we protect our veneers from the damage we should do what we can to protect them from stains as they cannot be whitened as natural teeth can. Avoiding some of the more staining foods and drinks may not always be possible, so we can try rinsing shortly after consuming these and brushing daily.

Something we should definitely consider cutting out completely is tobacco products as they can not only stain our veneers but also threaten our overall dental health.

Veneers in Los Angeles, CA

Dental veneers can grant us a whole new smile, but they do need some help from us to make sure we can smile for a long time to come. So if you are interested in veneers, or just looking to make yours last, you schedule an appointment with Dr. Flynn, located in Los Angeles, CA, in the Beverly Grove neighborhood, by dialing (323) 406-1228.

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